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09 August 2007 @ 09:28 pm
You can't break a heart that's already broken  
So, new layout.
Being absolutely true, I'd have to say "new header and new colours", because that's the only thing I've changed in the CSS, but, whatever.
Call me lazy but, I didn't feel like searching for something new. It took me ages to find this layout and, if it weren't for my friend driveme who told me about the LJ I took it from, I bet I'd still be looking for one.

Things haven't been quite exciting for me these months.
I've passed my University-access exams with a 6.8 -which made an average 7.64 with my school marks. It was enough for Journalism at Santiago, and that's what and where* I'm going to study, I already have a flat there -I went to see it last Friday and it's quite OK, no living room though :\
I've also passed my First Certificate exam with an A, but I got no pass with merit. I had an Exceptional at Reading, Use of English (the one most people fail) and Speaking. Quite Good at Listening. Nearly Good at Writing which is what shocked me most. I mean, below good? I thought that was going to be my best part and I read my compositions three times before deciding they were good enough for a high mark, I even think I did not make any grammar mistake and... well, I guess that's life telling me not to be so proud.

In other professional news, I'm working at a shoe shop, but only on Saturdays. Believe me, it's soooo boring, and the store is soooo confusing -there's a photograph of each model, but there's lots of boxes everywhere and if you don't know where they exactly are, but can even give up. On my second Saturday, my boss was like, "Hey, you've already been here for two weeks, you shouldn't get so confused", and I was like... "What? Already? Even, you meant". How can I know where all the shoes are if there are lots which I've never had to look for?
It's also annoying that I have to cut the barcodes out of the boxes because my boss doesn't know how to use the computer -"I even took some lessons, but I always gave up"-, so she pastes them in a little notebook and then her husband scans them.
Oh, and she's pregnant, so I wish for hormonal alternations not to suddenly appear when I'm with her.

And in a more private side, well, not much to say. Still going out on Saturdays with my best friend -last week we met an Australian man -"but I'm working in London in a (that's what I understood from him) search engine, Ask dot com" (it actually exists and is so ^^)- who was here for a weeding, and as a typial guiri, he told us that GALICIA PUTA MADRE;
And no men to make me lose my mind in sight. Seriously, I need some love! I miss it! There's even no hot men to stare at when I'm out. "Where are all the cuties?" is my quote on Saturdays. It's sad, y'all!

Oh, don't forget to check out We Love if you're fond of the funny celebrity-gossip thing.

That's all, folks.

*at least for the first year(s).
Music: Maroon 5 - Little Of Your Time
L.: fnl: lyla: ridesummerstorm on August 10th, 2007 07:52 am (UTC)
No, en español y recién duchada tampoco le encuentro sentido. A lo mejor es una cosa gallega, pero lo que estás expresando es una cosa pasada, así que no le puedes poner un "aún". Puede que aún sigas ahí (presente), que aún estés o trabajes o continúes ahí (presente de nuevo) pero no que aún lleves x-tiempo ahí. ¿No?

Eso sí, en inglés suena mucho peor que en español.

Qué confuso es todo esto. (Espero no ofenderte.)
takaxitakaxi on August 10th, 2007 03:03 pm (UTC)
No, tranquila, no me ofendes =)

Pues no sé, igual con un todavía en lugar del aún -suelo utilizar los dos sin distinción ya desde pequeño y no soy capaz de corregirlo

Expresado de otra manera, "Este es mi segundo día, y me hablas como si llevase X meses"